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Shawpak - Thermoforming machine

Shawpak are a subsidiary of Riverside Medical, specialising in the designing and development of The Shawpak Thermoformer. Riverside Medical has extensive experience in packaging for pharmaceutical applications, dating back to 1979, and has played a major role in identifying the vital features and production advantages that the shawpak provides, overcoming many of the disadvantages and limitations of generic thermoforming machines currently on the market.


Built in the UK at their brand-new state-of-the-art engineering facility based in Derby, every care has been taken to ensure the machines are built to the highest quality.

Amazingly compact, portable, flexible, energy efficient and above all, very competitively priced.

Shawpak offers a revolutionary thermoform machine capable of producing flexible and rigid blisters. Amazingly compact - the shawpak process eliminates the need for gripper chain and film trim reducing downtime, waste and maintenance. With no water cooling required and single phase power the machine is incredibly energy efficient.

The shawpak process is inherently simple, but the machines comprehensive contol system, combined with superb mechanics, gives the shawpak the ability to produce thermoformed packs under the strictest control and to the most demanding specifications.

Its ability to process many wide ranging materials is second to none with output cycle speeds up to 25 per minute on flexible packs. The compactness of the machine and its true portability are unlike any other thermoformer currently available!

Base Web Unwind
- Accurate tension and lateral tracking control of the baseweb are essential for reliable thermoforning.
Film Forming Station - The 5 stage forming process has been developed specifically for the shawpak.
Product Loading Station - Product loading takes place at the very top of the drum. Generally one formed pocket will be loaded at a time while the drum is stationary.
Top Web Unwind - As with the base web, accurate tension and lateral tracking control of the topweb are essential for reliable lidding.
Sealing Station - Once loaded the drum will rotate. At this point the top web of material will be rolled onto the drum to captivate the product in the cavity prior to the sealing process.
Cutting - The shawpak has many different types of cutting available to suit the needs of the pack. These include Flying Knife, Crush Cut, Plunge Cut, Perforation, Die Cutting and Rotary Disc Cutting.
Outfeed Station - Once the product has been cut, grippers will release the product onto a discharge conveyor.  

  • Incredibly compact
  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Energy efficient
  • Highly productive