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Buhrs – Poly & Paper wrapping systems

A well-known and respected brand throughout the world, Buhrs Poly and Paper wrapping systems are renowned for their high quality, reliability and high performance in a variety of wrapping applications, along with easy operation, service and maintenance.  The systems have the ability to use different packaging materials, thereby providing numerous presentation options for magazines, newspapers and other printed media products for the mailing and fulfilment industries.

Buhrs 1000 – Poly wrapping system - entry level mailing solutions for all printers, finishers and mailing houses

The use of motorised adjustments and automatic settings help to reduce set-up times for the wrapping module.  This, in combination with the new user-friendly operator panel, makes the Buhrs 1000 easy to operate.  The new design ensures safe and ergonomic operation, not only meeting the operator's requirements, but also providing quick and easy access for operation, cleaning, service and maintenance.

Buhrs 3000 – Poly and paper wrapping system - system for the mid-range market

The Buhrs 3000 is a poly and paper wrapping system for the mid-range market at all printers, print finishers and mailing houses.

The wrapping module has been equipped with a fully servo-driven seal mechanism to produce a high quality and reliable wrapped product.  The unwinder with tension control is equipped as standard with pneumatic shafts for faster changeovers. In addition, the mechanism has significantly reduced noise levels.  The touch screen panel and storable job settings are also important elements to the success of the Buhrs 3000.


Buhrs 4000 – High quality  paper and poly wrapping system with reduced set up times

This innovative, high quality paper and poly wrapping system is not just more flexible and safer, it is also characterised by its reduced set-up and maintenance times.  As a result of this the system offers more productivity than any other system currently available. 

Owing to the modularity of the Buhrs 4000 paper and poly wrapping system, the system can be configured ideally for co-mailing. It has a low gathering section, automatic feeder synchronisation and individually controlled feeders via the Buhrs System Controller.

Selectivity, increased product variations and job complexity are today's major issues in the mailing industry.  In addition price pressures and shorter production times to run jobs are common occurrences.


Buhrs 4500 – Co-mailing Solutions - combines individual pieces of mail into new, better, pre-sorted bundles

Buhrs offers co-mailing systems in excess of 30 pockets and advanced inkjet and label application capabilities.

Co-mailing combines individual pieces of mail into new, better, pre-sorted bundles and has a huge impact on pre-sort and drop-ship eligible pallets.  This results in significant savings on postage.  Buhrs has been very successful in designing, manufacturing and installing co-mailing system solutions for leading companies such as RR Donnelley, MetroGroup, Quebecor World and Brown Printing.


Buhrs 4700 – Changeover from one production run to another can be performed whilst running

This poly and paper wrapping system is specially designed for distribution of non-addressed sets of retail brochures and promotional mail.  The system boasts a perfect combination of a low gathering section with mobile feeders, a servo-driven wrapping module and the new Buhrs System Controller.

It is no longer necessary to stop the system in between two different jobs, thereby increasing productivity enormously!  Ideal when processing promotional mail composed selectively for many different zones.


Buhrs 5000 – a dedicated paper wrapping system that is ideal for bulk volume direct mail, transactional mail and transpromo items

The Buhrs 5000 Paper Wrapping System is the standard in performance and design. Buhrs continues with its well-known quality and reliability, resulting in a high performance system that produces a high quality wrapped product.

Paper wrapping offers you the opportunity of making your own personalised envelopes independent of the size. This way you can be more creative in making a unique Direct Mail product. It also saves on the storage and handling costs of traditional envelopes.

Poly and Paper wrapping for the Print & Paper industry


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