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Audion provides more shrink wrapping benefits with addition of new Combi system

AudionShrink Combi LT470

Shrink wrapping manufacturer Audion Elektro has extended its range of economic, versatile and productive machines with the introduction of the AudionShrink Combi system in two model sizes – the LT 470 and LT 670.  These two units combine a heavy duty L-bar sealer and shrink tunnel for packing, sealing and shrinking products, and can be used with a wide variety of films due to their precise temperature and speed controls.

The AudionShrink Combi system minimises maintenance and eliminates the need for a hot knife seal bar by incorporating a unique seal wire temperature control system.  The AudionShrink LT series is a heavy-duty 24/7 machine with easy to use microprocessor controls, and its digitally controlled tunnel temperature produces consistently strong seals and precise shrink-wrapping.  It has a single adjustable height control for the product take away and tunnel conveyors to provide smooth product transfer. 

The robust design of the AudionShrink Combi system, as well as its use of integrated specific application controls that allow for easy and fast operator set-up, provide the framework for improved cost efficiencies due to greater productivity and reduced down-times as a result of the minimal maintenance required.

Features and benefits

• Unique temperature controlled seal system provides consistently strong seals and increases the life of the seal wire when compared to most traditional systems

• Power take-away and tunnel conveyors with a single height adjustment provide for smooth product transfer

• Heavy duty 24/7 shrink system designed for rugged industrial environments and minimal maintenance requirement

• Convenient scrap drop and collection area for trimmed film, which reduces clean up times

• Live/dead roller system allows the use of a wide variety of films

• Seal temperature control provides repeatability of seal performance

• Dwell control provides additional flexibility for utilising a wide range of films

• Heavy duty magnetic hold-down to insure consistent seal pressure

• Easy-to-use operator controls for fast and easy set-up

• Quick adjustment facilitates centring of the seal on the product

• Digitally controlled tunnel with 360 degree air circulation for consistency and maximum performance

• Adjustable airflow and variable tunnel conveyor speed enhances shrink performance

• Automatic cool down and shut off extends the life of the machine

• Adjustable unitised package tray and film cradle with pin wheel perforator

• Film cradle can accommodate a film roll up to a 605 mm wide on the LT 470 and up to a 810 mm on the LT 670

• Tunnel curtain design minimises heat loss and maintains a consistent tunnel temperature

• Designed to meet CE requirements

Technical specifications

                                                            LT 470                        LT 670

L-bar seal area                                    470 mm x 555 mm       670 mm x 840 mm

Maximum product length*                   530 mm                        750 mm

Maximum product width*                     400 mm                       600 mm

Maximum product height*                   200 mm                       300 mm

Maximum product weight                    10 kg                           15 kg

Film type                                             Polyolefin, PE               Polyolefin, PE

Maximum film width                             600 mm                       750 mm

Maximum ø film reel                            300 mm                       300 mm

Shrink length                                      640 mm                       940 mm

Voltage                                               400V, 3 phase             400V, 3 phase

Consumption                                      8,000 watt                  12,000 watt

Gross weight                                      450 kg                         700 kg

Packaging dimensions (LxWxH)          220x93x165 cm           25x110x180 cm

* These maximum dimensions cannot be obtained at the same time

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