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The NEW Buhrs 3000 Compact Poly & Paper Wrapping System


The Buhrs 3000 Compact Poly & Paper Wrapping System is being hailed as the new standard in performance and design in this particular product sector.  The system has a smaller footprint and is lowered for more ergonomic loading of the feeders. Together with the well-known Buhrs quality and reliability this results in a high performance system that produces a high quality wrapped product.


The new Buhrs 3000 Compact Poly & Paper Wrapping System is equipped with Servo-feeders which have a standard selective function.  The Servo-feeders are quickly interchangeable from the left, to the right, or an in-line position on the gathering section.


The Buhrs 3000 Compact offers the unique combination of being able to run with both poly and paper on one system. Depending on the job requirements, changeovers only take between 10-30 minutes to perform.


Paper wrapping offers users the opportunity of making your own personalised envelope independent of the size.   This way you can be more creative in making a unique DM product.  It also saves storage and handling costs with envelopes.


The unwinder, with tension control, is equipped as standard with pneumatic shafts for faster changeovers.  Set-up times are reduced because of motorised adjustments and automatic settings for the wrapping module.  This, in combination with the user-friendly touch screen operator panel, makes the Buhrs 3000 Compact easy to operate.  The Siemens control system and servo-driven seal mechanism ensures a perfect high quality sealed end product.


The design of the new Buhrs 3000 Compact ensures safe and ergonomic operation to ensure the well-being of the operator.  It is also easy to clean, and provides quick and easy access for operation, service and maintenance.  Low maintenance costs, together with a long life cycle, provide the guarantee for an excellent price-performance ratio.


Features   Benefits
 Servo driven seal mechanism Low noise level (
  High quality wrap
  Low maintenance costs
 Motorised adjustments Short make-ready times and automatic settings
 Operator-friendly touch screen Short make-ready times
  Short learning curve
 Pneumatic shafts Fast changeover of poly or paper reels
Technical specifications 
 Mechanical speed Maximum 15,000 products per hour
 Wrapping materials Film: 15-80 µm
 (PE, PP, others tested on request) 
 Product dimensions (L x W) Minimum 160 x 100 mm
  Maximum 420 x 300 mm
 Product thickness Minimum single sheet (60-80 gm²)
  Maximum 35 mm (Optional 60 mm)
  Maximum variation 4 mm (Optional 20 mm)v

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