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Beck Serienpacker SX vs


1800 packs per hour



Packaging process: While the individual products are scanned, catalogues are sorted according to defined criteria and in the meantime an invoice is printed on-line and positioned ready for adding to the package.  The product is then fed on the infeed conveyor to the Beck Serienpacker.  The height and length of the package are measured and then it is packed in coloured and printed film.  Only after cross sealing is the address label attached to the package. After leaving the take-off belt, the address label is scanned to check that all information is correct ready for distribution according to the postal address code.              


Reason for purchase: Already in possession of a Beck mail order machine the customer was looking for an additional line to provide automated packaging. (It is the “large version” of the existing mail order machine with the latest technology, and which can handle larger sizes.)


Customer’s benefit: High performance packaging with automatic feeding of the catalogues, invoices, plus automatic application of the address label.  This provides lower material costs compared to the manually filled, pre-fabricated shipping bags.


Special machine equipment:


Film storage device

Film sealing on device

Electromagnetically working hole punch device

Some of our customers: