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Magazines DIN A5 und A4single and in unit of 3

Machine Type:

1 beck-Serienpacker S 1750 XJ mobil

1 beck-Shrink Tunnel HV 601 HPLS


120 packs per minute/single, or 80 packs per minute/units of 3 using Polyolefin-shrink film 11 – 20 µm

Packaging process: 

The magazines arrive from a counter stacker and in a second line from a grab feeding system. The packaging line Beck-Serienpacker S 1750 XJ can be placed in the producing line as required. The Serienpacker can be docked either at the counter stacker or at the grab feeding system. The controls of both upstream placed machines are tuned with the Beck-Serienpacker via shaft encoder and coded connectors.

Customer’s benefit: 

  • Packaging line mobile applicable and with high power range.
  • Reason for purchase:
  • The principle Serienpacker with two rolls flat film has convinced the customer.
  • Special machine equipment:
  • Running direction from right to left
  • Needle perforation device
  • 2 film roll guards for upper and lower film
  • Castors with fixing
  • Comfort package between machine and tunnel
  • Beck-Shrink tunnel HV 601 HPLS
  • mechanical for turning tunnel bars
  • Castors with fixing
  • Take over conveyor approx. 1400 mm long
  • Shaft encoder for conveyor
  • Shaft encoder for grab feeding system

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