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Beck Serienpacker S 1550 XJ
Beck Thermoschrumpfer HV 601
Friction feeder

Format: A5 and A4
Approximately 50 packs per minute
PE normal film – thickness 25-50 µm – non-perforated

Packaging process: Magazines that are going to be packed are fed manually.  Even multi-packed magazines can be packed without any problems and the efficiency output is optimised through the gripper loading which is placed before the machine.  An insert sheet either A5 or A4 format can be placed fully automatically above or under the magazines due of the freely positioned friction feeder.  Afterwards, the packed magazines are delivered to the Serienpacker, where they are precisely packed in a rectangular bag.

Reason for purchase: Due to the flexibility of the applications available on the Beck Serienpacker, this proved significant against a high performance Hugo Beck machine and a special SITMA machine.  The uncomplicated and quick method of adjusting the Serienpacker compared to the other machines was also a factor

Customer’s benefit: Cost savings achieved through greater automation in the packaging process, a reduction in personnel, and lower procurement costs for pre-packaged bags.  Larger orders could also be accepted from now on as a result.

Special machine equipment:


Mobile conveyor

Servo drive for cross-sealing

Shaft encoder

Needle perforation device

Double-sided plastic pearl bats at product infeed and  take-off

Finger feeding station, separate from friction feeder

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