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1 Beck-Multiplex MP 240 XP, 1 Beck-Shrink Tunnel HV 601

Heat sink/aluminium housing 

Output: 20 packs/minute using PE-shrink film thickness 40 – 60 µm


Pack Type:

min.  L:   55 x W:  28 x H: 15 mm

max. L: 200 x W: 150 x H: 52 mm 


Packaging process:

The heat sink or aluminium housings will be placed onto the separate infeed conveyor by several operators, transported to the machine and then packed. At the film pillow block an easy open perforation incl. tear open strip is produced at the PE-film.

After shrink process the products are taken over automatically via a take off conveyor and automatically labelled.


Customer’s benefit:

Time and cost savings. Before automatic packing in PE film all parts were wrapped in tissue paper manually.


Reason for purchase:

The fair and at a later demonstration, our mechanical engineering as well as the operation of the machine were convincing. So we could prevail against a machine from Schlichter despite higher price.


Special machine equipment: 

  • Mobile closing conveyor
  • Film roll guard
  • Tear open perforation
  • Electronic key system
  • Machine cleaning set
  • Beck-Shrink Tunnel HV 601
  • Transfer help at the tunnel infeed and take off
  • Special colour
  • Infeed conveyor 1000/400 mm
  • Labeling station

Some of our customers: