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Rubber car mats in sets

B min 385 – max. 772 mm

W min 404 – max. 891 mm

H 12 – 32 mm

Machine Type:

Beck-Serienpacker S 4090 X


750 Car mat sets per hour using POF-shrink film 15 – 19 µm

Packaging process:

Car mat sets are placed manually onto the infeed conveyor and packed in film. After shrinking, the mats are manually removed and boxed.

Customer’s benefit:

Previous manual packaging in prefabricated film bags is labor intensive and packaging cost intensive. With our machine it goes faster and cheaper packaging material can be used

Reason for purchase:

The Beck-Serienpacker principle could convince during a visit at a direct competitor. In addition, the agency has optimal service and spare and wear parts warehouses.

Special machine equipment: 

  • Needle perforation device
  • Photo cell detection
  • Plastic pearl bar
  • Beck-Shrink Tunnel HV 1001 LS
  • Mechanical device for turning tunnel bars
  • Transformer

Some of our customers: