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Beck Serienpacker S 750 XJ


60 strokes per minute

PE ordinary film, 50 ?m

Upper film – white

Lower film – transparent


Packaging process: Automatic take-over from the assembly line. The packaging output reaches up to 60 packs per minute depending on the item being packed.


Reason for purchase: This customer needed to replace his existing Beck Serienpacker. The new Beck Serienpacker S 750 XJ was installed complete with the modifications that the customer had previously fitted to his old machine.


Customer’s benefit: By using the new generation Beck Serienpacker S 750 XJ, higher output rates are being reached when compared to the company’s existing 20-year-old Beck Serienpacker S 712. Also the flexibility of the new line is considerably higher.


Special machine equipment:


Perforation device for the upper film

Perforation device for the lower film

Shaft encoder

Film roll guard for upper and lower film

Mobile closing conveyor

Extension of infeed belt by 450 mm

Extension of take-off belt by 450 mm

Support for pressure equipment (company Kortho)

Loop roller

Unit to evacuate the vapours of the packaging line

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