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Folded rug mats – in various dimensions with flat, J- or U-shaped product data sheets



Beck Serienpacker S 2060 X


Special device to place a flat, J- or U-shaped product data sheets

Sealing-on device for hanger or carrier handle

10-15 packs per minute

PE ordinary film, thickness 30-60 ?m


Special machine equipment:


Device to place flat as well as J- and U-shaped paper slips

Down holding belt at the infeed of the packaging line

Lateral roller support at infeed and take-off belt

Hole punch device

Mobile closing conveyor

Film roll guard for upper and lower film

Coloured marks control for upper film

Sealing device to create suspension packs

Special sealing device to create carrier handle packs

Special device to reinforce the Euro hole and carrier handle by means of adhesive tape

Device to seal on a plastic hanger

Push-off device for the complete unit

800 mm lateral take-off belt as double conveyor


Packaging process: This customer required a machine that combined all possible kinds of packaging:

– Easy loose packaging of the rug mats

– Simple Euro hole/reinforced Euro hole for heavy weights

– Simple carrier handle/reinforced carrier handle for heavy weights

– Sealed-on suspension hanger


All these kinds of packaging needed to be combined with the feeding of various product data sheets.

The rug mats are transported manually from the folding machine and placed onto a transport conveyor.


Afterwards the product runs into the first machine unit of the packaging line, fitted with a pressure belt and a special device for placing a document. Depending on the customer’s requirement a flat J- or U-shaped product data sheet is placed around the product by means of a special friction feeder. The following take-off belt with down holding device keeps the document in position on the product and is then taken over by the infeed conveyor of the Serienpacker. The infeed belt of the Serienpacker is constructed as a pressure belt so as to feed the product slightly pressed to the film wrapping in order to reduce the volume.


The products are packed on four sides or added with a Euro hole flap or carrier handle. With regard to the weight of the product the Euro hole or carrier handle flap is reinforced with a reinforcing strip. Afterwards the products are transported out of the machine.


If the packages are to receive a hanger or carrier handle they are supplied with an additional film flap of 30 mm in the packaging machine.


After being taken off the Beck Serienpacker, the product arrives with the film flap placed ahead in the seal-on device for the hanger.


A plastic hanger is sealed on the film flap by means of a sealing beam.


After sealing the completely film packed products are evacuated leftwards and manually removed by an operating person who places them into cartons.


Reason for purchase: This customer has already been working with a BVM form shoulder machine for many years, on which he could pack the products with a Euro flap. Due to the ‘gluey’ type surface of the product the form shoulder must be adjusted quite widely. As a result the film bag is very wide, and due to the transverse deformation on form shoulder machines the customer does not get a rectangular film bag.


Customer’s benefit: Higher automation and user-friendly packaging line with the utmost variety of packaging possibilities. Furthermore, each requirement offers an attractive packaging result and rectangular film bags. Up to now, the products that had to be packed with a carrier handle were placed manually into pre-manufactured bags.

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