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Beck Serienpacker S 1750 XJ

Diverse dimensions
35 packs per minute

Polyethylene normal film

Packaging process: The products are manually transferred from the folding and cutting machine to the extended infeed conveyor.

Reason for purchase: The customer already has a Beck Fitpacker that he uses to pack non-woven towels.  The easy adjustment of the Beck Serienpacker, the compression of the incoming airy products, and the tight packaging quality, were all factors that impressed when demonstrated to the customer.

Customer’s benefit: Higher packaging performance and lower adjustment time needed (compared to the Beck Fitpacker).   Package opening made easy by use of punching device.

Special machine equipment:

Mobile conveyor
Infeed belt
Shaft encoder
Pneumatically driven hole punching
Pneumatically driven pressing station

Some of our customers: