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Beck Fitpacker F 1050 S




Up to approximately 2000 packs per hour  

PE HDPE/LDPE centre folded film, 20-50 ?m

Packaging process: The packaging units are placed on a central feeding conveyor and transported to the packaging line. This feeding conveyor is long enough for three individuals to stand and place on the items to be packaged.

Reason for purchase: Up to now, some items from the wide product range had been film packed on a second-hand Beck Serienpacker S 3259 Classic, while the remaining small and voluminous products were packed in pre-produced pouches, closed with tape.  In future, all products will be automatically packed and labelled afterwards.  During the packaging process the film packs are provided with a warning message in order to avoid ‘inappropriate’ use. This message is printed directly onto the film by an integrated thermo transfer printer.

Customer’s benefit: The large working area of the Beck Fitpacker allows film packaging of single products and piles.  The pneumatic pushing device reduces the film quantity at the four corners of the partly extremely high and wide packaging units.

Special machine equipment:

2000 mm/500 mm pre-placed feeding and product placing conveyor
Automatic infeed belt, 2600 mm in length, for exact product feeding
Pneumatically operated hole punching device
Pneumatically operated corner push-in device
Thermo transfer printer for printing directly onto film
Downstream placed labelling station consisting of:

1500 mm/500 mm labeller belt

Herma 452 C labeller

Some of our customers: