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Beck Fitpacker F 2050 S

In individual and collated packs:

1200 individual packs per hour 600 collated packs per hour
Packaging process: The terry towels are fed manually on the infeed conveyor of the Beck Fitpacker.  They are transferred automatically from the permanent running conveyor to the in-cycle running conveyor of the Beck Fitpacker.  Due to the sealing on the bottom before the sealing stamp, the film can be strapped tightly around the product.  Additional to the cross-sealing, there is a corner push-in device that not only reduces the bag’s length, but also pushes in any sticking out film edges.  As a result the film encloses the product tightly.  On the following thermo-labeller, the barcode or 3D code is printed and laid flat on the products from above.  For high products, the label is placed on the front using a slewing mechanism.

Reason for purchase: Beck Packautomaten’s reputation for being able to produce quality tight packaging of large textile stacks with the Fitpacker was a convincing and deciding factor for the customer.  (Footnote: Consistent with Beck Packautomaten’s on-going aim of utilising its long-standing experience to   continually improve its product range, the Fitpacker F 2050 S is due to undergo a revision in its design in order to make the model more adaptable to today’s ever-changing production demands.  This will also ensure that it remains ahead of the competition in terms of its advanced technological capabilities.)  

Customer’s benefit: Tight packaging without the use of a shrink tunnel (the customer was using an automatic corner sealer with shrink tunnel).

Special machine equipment:

Adjustable shoulder
Cross fin sealing system with pulse heating
Electronic sealing controls
Feeding system for automatic product take-over from the production machine
Pneumatically operated pivoting sealing underneath the product
Corner push-in device
Film roll end guards
Label printer – dispenser and transport system

Some of our customers: