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Beck Serienpacker S2250 XJ


Width: 220-350 mm Length: 100-500 mm Height: 5-100 mm
40 packs per minute
Polypropylene normal film – thickness: 30-40 µm
Polyethylene normal film – thickness: 25-40 µm

Packaging process: The textiles are manually fed on the extended infeed conveyor, mostly with a transparent carry strap.

Reason for purchase: The customer has been using a Beck Serienpacker for many years and been very satisfied with its performance.  With the new machine he particularly liked the inclusion of the special light grid, as well as the lower maintenance requirements.  The Beck Serienpacker has one of the best characteristics for processing Polypropylene film.

Customer’s benefit: Higher packaging performance and better product scanning due to the special light grid.

Special machine equipment:

Light curtain
Mobile conveyor
Elongated infeed belt
Photo-electric control at the side sealing

Some of our customers: