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Machine Type: 1 beck-Multiplex MP 1070 X

Product :Fleece rolls

Ø 90 – 320 mm

L 150 – 1200 mm

Output: 12 rolls at 200 mm length, Ø 120 mm, or 2 rolls at 1200 mm length, Ø 320 mm using PO-shrink film thickness 15 – 19 µm

Packaging process:

Automatic transfer from a roll winder.

Customer’s benefit:

Due the automated packaging process savings of staff.


Reason for purchase:

The customer uses a Beck-Fitpacker junior for years and is satisfied. In the preparation of the project, our competitor BVM proved little competence, which was another advantage for us.

Special machine equipment

  • Additional guiding plates at the infeed and outbound
  • Needle perforation device
  • Mobile closing conveyor
  • Comfort package for communication between machine and tunnel
  • beck-Shrink Tunnel HV 601 HPLS
  • mechanical device for turning tunnel bars
  • Infeed conveyor  2000 / 500 mm
  • Lateral guiding


Some of our customers: