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Die-cutting article for Folding Carton Industry

“Ideas create value” is the motto and basis on which all of KAMA’s high quality die-cutters are designed, and they offer users a combination of high quality and economical solutions for small and medium print runs due to their quick setting up and changeover from one job to the next, or one finishing option to another.

No matter whether the finished product is a carton, a high quality presentation folder, or a unique cardboard product, KAMA automatic die-cutters work precisely and efficiently. The model range consists of the ProCut 53, ProCut 74, ProCut 76 and ProCut 105, which are capable of handling maximum sheet sizes of 53 x 40 cm, 74 x 60 cm, 76 x 60 cm and 105 x 74 cm respectively.  All of the machines are not only ideal for die-cutting, creasing, perforating and kiss cutting, but also for finishing with cold embossing and Braille. 


Each model in the KAMA ProCut range offers a number of finishing options, such as hot foil stamping, hologram stamping and hot cutting of plastic, and as a result they further extend the flexibility of the die-cutters, thereby offering greater benefits and added value to the finishing process. 

Recently introduced by KAMA, and now available on all of the models in the ProCut range, is AutoRegister the design of which now ensures the highest possible accuracy in cutting, creasing and the other finishing operations.

AutoRegister is able to achieve this accuracy due to its method of operation. In contrast to conventional post-press machines, which align the sheet along the sheet edges, AutoRegister positions each sheet individually based on the actual print image.  A camera detects small deviations in the position of the print image (identified by a register mark) relative to the sheet edges, and servo motors correct the sheet position and move the sheet into the gripper with an accuracy of ± 0.1 mm.

If rotary die-cutting is what you require then Bograma can offer the BSR 550 Servo amongst its range of die-cutting machines.  This particular version has been designed for operating across a wide range of printing and processing environments.


The machine has been designed to handle single sheets up to a maximum thickness of 0.5 mm.  It is also capable of processing a format range from standard A4 up to a maximum of 550 x 750 mm.  Maximum production capacity of the unit (depending on material) is 8,000 sheets per hour.

Bograma’s BSR 550 Servo rotary die-cutting machine is capable of multiple output, and operates by individually feeding products from a flat pile feeder to the rotary punching station.  Lateral sheet alignment and positioning accuracy in production is further enhanced by the inclusion of a patent registered position roller system.  This system ensures that the sheets are passed through the punch cylinder with a tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm without stopping.

The full ranges of KAMA and Bograma die-cutting machines are available in the UK and Ireland from Friedheim International – tel: +44 (0)1442 206100 or visit www.friedheim.co.uk to obtain further information.


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