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sustainable packaging systems for the internet age:

Beck Paperbag

Attributes:    Easy and fast processing, excellent heat seal-ability, unique weight to strength ratio, good printability, Insect protection barrier, moisture, and water vapour barrier.
Applications:     Dry food, frozen food, vegetables, and fruits, toys, diapers, industrial packaging, eCommerce.
Benefits:     Runs on existing FFS packaging lines, high strength for higher filling weights, excellent mechanical properties, natural touch, available in white and brown colours.
Sustainability:      Sustainably sourced paper, paper to plastic ratio 95/5, recyclable in paper streams in Europe, PVDC free.


As seen at PPMA 2022 : The new 95/5 Functional Barrier paper from Mondi in partnership with Beck Packautomaten is the next generation of paper wrapping solutions. Our cost-effective solutions offer key benefits in e-commerce and packaging environments through greater sustainability, productivity, and ease of use for operators. 

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The machinery and substrate is a match made in heaven for anyone in the fulfilment and e-commerce space, especially those looking to offer eco-friendly & brandable paper wrapping options.


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    The E-com Packer 900 / 1800: E-Commerce wrapping like never before


    –     Can pack up to 900/1800 ready-to-ship packages per hour

    –     A perfect match for both manual & automated storage systems

    –     Can handle both singular or multiple items without changing setup or stopping

    –     Option of  2 cover sizes

    –     Can apply two labels

    –     Environmentally friendly, plastic free solution that is fully recyclable



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    Inner box that is used to secure multiple items and provide additional protection




    ecom packer, varo, corrugated packaging, cardboard packaging, recycled packaging, 900

    E-com packer 900:

    Packing up to 900 ready-to-ship packages / hour on a small footprint




    ecom packer, varo, corrugated packaging, cardboard packaging, recycled packaging, 1800E-com packer 1800:

    Packing up to 1800 ready-to-ship packages / hour on an even smaller proportionate footprint