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Needing to increase throughput speed in its shink wrapping process the Lexon Group has achieved this with the installation of an Audion EL-MATIC EM 24 fully automatic L-Sealer + TE-MATIC TM 18 L Double Chamber shrink tunnel.  Both items of equipment were supplied by UK & Ireland agent, Friedheim International.

Says Lexon Group director Malcolm Davis: “We came to realise that our existing shrink wrapper was not keeping pace with our workload, so a solution needed to be found.  Having carefully researched the market, we came to the conclusion that the Audion EL-MATIC, along with the TE-MATIC, ideally suited our requirements.”

Formed in 1971 and currently based in Newport, Gwent, the Lexon Group employs around 50 staff and is involved in everything from commercial and digital printing to finishing, with the latter services including folding, laminating, guillotining, book binding, box making and, of course, shrink wrapping!

Says Malcolm Davis: “We have recently embarked on a £1.5m expansion project and this installation is part of that investment.  The new Audion has been an excellent purchase.  It is reliable, easy to set up and operate, and has given us the speed of throughput that we required to prevent bottlenecks occurring in most of our production processes.”

For further information about the rest of the Audion range of shrink wrapping machines, contact Friedheim International: tel: 01442 206100; e-mail: info@friedheim.co.uk, or visit www.friedheim.co.uk.

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