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The selective finishing line from MBO Digital was met with a great deal of interest by trade visitors to the All in Print expo.  On the right in the foreground is the UW52-770 unwinder with web guide; to its left is the newly developed WTS6 web turnover station; and behind it is the SVC775C digital sheeter.



At the recent ‘All in Print’ expo held in Shanghai, MBO Digital presented a selective finishing line on the Canon booth.  With the combination of digital web printing and near-line finishing, the Canon and MBO Digital partnership proved a great success with the many visitors who came to the booth to see the live presentation at this digitally oriented expo.


A variety of products with different numbers of pages and different formats were printed on a single roll on the Océ ColorStream 3500.  The roll was then finished on the off-line MBO Digital line.  In so doing, sheets of different lengths were first cut from the printed roll and then finished into differently folded signatures on the same line.  One area of application for this technology is brochure and book publication, starting with the first edition for example.  During the All in Print expo, MBO Digital was able to sell the line being exhibited to a Chinese customer – Nanjing Phoenix.

Some of our customers: