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MBO’s new ‘modular’ approach to folding hailed as ”future proof”!

MBO M80 with continuous feeder

In terms of developments in the process of sheet folding a whole new “future proof” concept has arrived with the launch of the M60 and M80 ‘Modular’ folding machines from specialist manufacturer MBO Binder.  According to the company, and its UK & Ireland agent, Friedheim International, the new models are set to “revolutionise” the way printers and print finishers think about folding from now on!

With the inclusion of ‘Modular Design Technology” on the M60 and M80, what this means is that whatever specification of folder you initially purchase, by purchasing and interchanging alternative units – such as for feeding and delivery – your original folder can become something totally different!  This makes any combination of set-up possible and enables folding flexibility to reach new heights of simplicity.  It also gives users the freedom to add or interchange components to meet whatever demands the market or individual jobs may dictate – hence MBO’s assertion that folding becomes “future proof”!

But one aspect has not changed!  Just like its predecessors, the M60 and M80 will have the same robust and long lasting build quality that MBO is famous for, along with the highest reliability, productivity and precision standards in its class.

The new MBO M60 is ideal for B2 work, and has an infeed width of 62cm, while the M80 has B1 capability and an infeed width of 83 cm.  Both folders are capable of working at a maximum production speed of up to 230 metres per minute.  In terms of operation, the M60 and M80 both feature the new M1 machine control which, due to its intuitive touch screen, is said by MBO to be very user friendly and capable of being easily operated by almost “anyone”!

For over 40 years MBO has been in the forefront of folding technology.  With the launch of the M60 and M80 ‘Modular’ folders the company has taken folding adaptability to a whole new level by ‘revolutionising’ the process! 

For further information contact Friedheim International: Tel: 01442 206100.  Website: www.friedheim.co.uk


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