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NEW Beck Packautomaten Serienpacker SXJ svs – Automatic small format bagging machine, perfect for mailorder items with integrated labelling unit


E-commerce is a growing market sector, and Beck Packautomaten has introduced a stand-alone packaging machine that has been designed to deliver real added value to the user, as well as providing the perfect entry level solution for those wishing to enter the market.


Designated the Serienpacker SXJ svs, the new machine is particularly suited to packaging single products, especially when utilising shipping bags in the German Maxibrief size (length = 350 mm; width = 250 mm; height = 50 mm).  All kinds of different articles can be automatically wrapped into the adequately sized shipping bag.  An integrated camera scans the articles and the incorporated labelling system attaches the corresponding label to the bag. 


According to Beck this new automated approach means that the placing of products by hand into pre-made bags or packaging them into costly cardboard boxes can now become a thing of the past, resulting in greater efficiency and production possibilities, as well as reduced costs.


Summary of features in the new Beck Serienpacker SXJ svs:


 –  Special sealing systems guarantee stable fin seal 

 –  Operates at a speed of up to 30 packs per minut

 –  A new high performance control system with integrated Ethernet connection allows a smooth and easy remote maintenance by connecting the machine to the master compute

 –  The latest control technique guarantees energy-efficient motor control

 –  The labelling system features a dispensing unit driven by a servomotor. The products are detected by a camera. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that for producing the corresponding address labels a printed invoice is no longer required. Instead, an on-line invoice will suffice. Result: time and money savings



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