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As well as demonstrating the attributes of Schib Packaging’s CO 130 INT horizontal flow wrapper, Friedheim’s stand was home to the first UK appearance of the Serienpacker SXJ svs stand-alone bagging machine, manufactured by Beck Packautomaten.

Says Martin Howells, Friedheim’s National Sales Manager for Packaging Products: “The new Beck bagging machine quite rightly received a lot of attention from visitors to the stand, as it provides the perfect entry level solution for those wishing to enter the ever-growing e-Commerce market sector.

“The design of the Serienpacker SXJ svs makes it particularly suited to packaging single products, and its automated approach means that the placing of products by hand into pre-made bags or packaging them into costly cardboard boxes can now become a thing of the past.  The result is greater efficiency and production possibilities, as well as reduced costs, and the capability of delivering real ‘added value’ to the user.”

Some of our customers: