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We have a range of  feeders designed  to suit any need

  • Vertical feeders
  • Horizontal feeders
  • Rotary shuttle feeders
  • Vacuum shuttle feeders

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pfankuch smart feeder
  • MTS Pegasus
  • Pfankuch

MTS Pegasus

This product has been developed by MTS from design through to build, making it one of a select few of UK manufactured friction feeders.

Pegasus 320 builds on the strength of many of the friction feeders in the industry and eliminates the weaknesses that we at MTS have identified, from an engineering perspective. Focus has been on a robust build quality to withstand the daily rigours, mainly within the Direct mail industry.

There are various models available depending on the functionality that is required, with typical applications being:

Presentation: for use with swing arm inserters

Continuous Feed: for inkjet and tabbing applications

Single shot: for applications where an item is fed on demand

Batch count: for applications where either a single item or multiple items need to be fed on demand

Key Features

  • Speed in single shot mode – up to 20,000 items per hour
  • Calliper double detection comes as standard with all models except presentation
  • Minimal consumable components – requiring only four feed belts, one drive belt and two rubberised separator rollers
  • Closed loop stepper motor provides infinite flexibility to vary the speed
  • Robust side guides with quick and easy adjustment
  • Rear support – low friction with adjustable angles to cater for a wide variety of material
  • Feeder indicator lamp at the top of the guides to indicate the state ie “ready”, “miss” and “double” feed
  • Replacing the feed belts can be carried out in less than half an hour
  • Can be integrated to any host device

The Pfankuch Range

Friction Feeder – Separating, counting and feeding of flat promotional items such as credit cards, telephone cards, CDs/DVDs, cardboard and laminated items, for use as inserts into envelopes, magazines, brochures, greetings cards, etc.

Rotary vacuum feeder – Feeding of flat, stitched products up to a height of 5mm – catalogues, magazines, inserts, film bags – for further collating or wrapping processes

Vacuum shuttle feeder – Separating or feeding of stitched or un-stitched products – catalogues or booklets – for further processing

pfankuch smart feeder

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