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Industry leading labelling solutions

Friedheim has partnered with the best and brightest in labelling to bring you the latest technology and optimise results. Upgrading & optimising your label workflow can increase productivity, decrease returns and give you full visibility and control over your batching and consignment data. 

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  • Cobalt Systems
  • Weber Labels

Cobalt Systems – industry leading print & apply labelling solutions

Cobalt Systems is an industry-leading print and apply manufacturer, with a long-standing heritage in barcoding and labelling automation. They work closely with our customers, listening to their challenges and applying the very latest print and apply labelling technology to innovate solutions to ensure we achieve maximum up-time, efficiency and ease of use.

Cobalt Systems’ business is grounded by three core principles:

1. Intelligent problem-solving design.

2. Innovation – twelve firsts to market in the past 20 years is evidence of how they listen to what their customers are looking for.

3. Totally integrated solutions – making sure they deliver from the shop floor level right through to the IT infrastructure. They do this to maximise the return on investment for their customers.

As a British manufacturer, they pride themselves on our after-sales support, including a 3 year warranty as standard, fixed-price servicing and low cost of ownership to give peace of mind to all customers.


Smart Labelling with Cobalt

Reduce costs across the e-commerce infrastructure with NexPlex® labels




Nexus 20 Print & Apply

Nexus 20 print and apply systems are designed and manufactured for high speed performance, ease of operation and longevity in the most demanding of environments. Life expectation, fixed price servicing and a 3-year warranty provided as standard offer the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.

Nexus 20’s modular platform permits many configurations to cover an extensive application range, but our in-house technical innovations team can deliver on bespoke applications efficiently too.

All Cobalt solutions are GS1 compliant and available with barcode verification and/or 100% label inspection in line. With verification options onboard, Cobalt Nexus 20 will never apply a substandard label to a product.

Cobalt’s well established team of specialists have vast industry knowledge across several sectors, with strong disciplines in print & apply, barcoding, systems integration, inspection, media and servicing, ultimately delivering sustained quality uptime.

automated labels, label solution, automatic labeller, automatic labelling, nexus, cobalt, integrated

Weber Label Solutions

Weber Packaging Solutions provides high-quality labelling and coding solutions for all industry sectors of the UK market, for any surface and shape imaginable.

They have an extensive range of services from label printers and label applicators to special bespoke labelling systems and RFID systems to inkjet coders.

Barcode software and operating supplies such as labels, colour ribbons or ink enhance the product range, along with our exceptional customer support services with suitable financing and customer training.

Some of our customers:

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