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Film Wrapping Solutions

Friedheim has a range film wrapping solutions aimed at e-commerce, fulfilment and returns

  • Beck
  • Audion CS-Matic

Beck-Paperbag Serienpacker vs st

Paper bags for shipping of products via e-commerce

The packaging machine produces stable 4-side sealed paper bags with the help of the beck-Serienpacker principle, which has proven itself in e-commerce, and offers everything that a packaging machine must have in the mail order logistics. In the development of our paper packaging system, our great expertise from more than 30 years in the field of mail order systems was used and implemented, whereby user-friendliness and reliability are a matter of course.

The new beck-paperbag Serienpacker vs st is a perfect alternative to film or cardboard packaging in the e-commerce sector and provides an optimal answer to the requirement for sustainability and circular economy.

Unbleached as well as bleached paper can be used, unprinted or printed. Additional consumables such as glue or sewing threads are not required. The used packaging material can be disposed in the waste paper and thus returned to the material cycle.

With the beck-Serienpacker principle, we have chosen our proven packaging principle, which ensures that products of different sizes are packaged and monitored one after the other in a process-safe manner. The products are always packed in the same width, attractively shaped paper bags. Stable sealing seams on all 4 sides of the bag ensure that the paper bags meet the requirements of mail order logistics and makes sure that the products arrive well protected at the customer.

Can be equipped with a wide range of options as:

  • Integration of scanning and labelling systems
  • Integration of infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Integration of reject systems
  • Integration of venting systems

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CS-Matic automatic shrink sealer

This new automatic shrink sealer works with a continuous side sealer and a longitudinal intermittent sealing system that has at least 3 indisputable advantages:

  • Unlimited length of product that can be packed
  • Significant increase in production capacity
  • Less waste film, resulting in lower costs
  • The CS-Matic 100 has a maximum output of 4200 packs/hour


  • Alternate longitudinal sealing system with a continuous vertical seal
  • PTFE coated horizontal sealing bar
  • Inverter and encoder controlled
  • Automatic adjustment of the centre seal
  • Memory for 20 different operating programs
  • Easy film insertion and conveying system
  • Kissing belts
  • Flexmode control system with:
  • Alpha numeric LCD control panel
  • 32-bit microprocessor
  • Each motor equipped with inverter
  • In/out control modules for digital, analogue input/output and thermo couple- reading control for series
  • Packaging Materials: Shrink film (Polyolefine, PVC or LDPE centrefold film)


El Matic with TE Matic shrink tunnel

This versatile combination can be used to package a wide range of products at speeds of up to 30 packs per minute at a relatively low capital cost


  • Continuous cycle sealing
  • Automatic control of the sealing bar height
  • User friendly control panel with back lighted multilingual LCD
  • 16 bit microprocessor
  • 20 different operation programs can be stored
  • PTFE coated sealing bar
  • Polyethylene and Polyolefin can be used
  • Single pack / multi-pack mode
  • Conveyor speed electronically adjustable
  • Pack discharge by a motorized conveyor
  • Storage / readout of process statistics (piece counter, measurement of pack length, real time out-put, machine performance, control of irregular packs)
  • Compliance with CE regulations

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