DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector
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DM Pack – Entry level to end of line packaging and cartoning


With over 15 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing a large range of machines from entry level packaging and cartooning to end-of-line bespoke systems for all sectors, including customised lines for primary and secondary packaging.

DM Pack machines not only aim to reach increasingly high working speed, but are particularly projected towards reaching maximum efficiency, functionality and reliability.

DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector
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  • DRON
  • DOM
  • TRON
  • ARES
  • ZED
  • FLO

Highly automated carton sleever

Highly automated cluster carton sleever for single products or multipacks with rotating motorized carton picking system. Compact layout integrated with infeed conveyor, the motor driven infeed pusher and carton picker are precise and energy saving. Partly automatic change over with motorized movements, by touch screen.

This machine is highly accessible and this facilitates the maintenance and cleaning operations.

General features

Higlhy automated carton sleever, engineered to wrap carton blanks around single products or multipacks. Carton blanks are picked from the carton sleeve magazine and are placed above the product/multipack and folded around it. A hot melt point completes the cycle by gluing together the flaps underneath. The loading of the product onto the machine is done by phasing and accelerating infeed conveyors which ensure a reliable loading timing for maximum efficiency and minimum waste. Mostly automatic change over with motorized movements, by touch screen. This machine is highly accessible and this facilitates the maintenance and cleaning operations.


Specific features

Reduced space required for a high performance machine.

ICE carton sleever machine’s standard carton sizes vary from a minimum of 60 x 60 mm to a maximum of 300 x 495 mm, with products dimensions varying from min 60 x 40 x 20 mm to max 270 x 270 x 130 mm. Different formats are available depending on feasibility.

Standard: painted steel, with galvanized chains, pulley and pinions. Available in completely INOX version, with nickel-plated chains, pulley and pinions.

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New STAR EVOLUTION continuous sealing packaging machine

New generation and design, side sealing packaging machine, super-accessible and simple to use. Excellent for packaging and total closure of various types of products with heat shrinking or other film, center-folded or flat film. Great flexibility of the machine, thanks to the possibility of having it in various sizes with a fixed, intermittent or box motion bar, with simple sealing, with Euroforo or easy opening. it covers a vast range of product packaging. For a new and simpler way of working and increasingly elevated performance.

General features

3-belt, side sealer packaging machine. Compact and simple (500 version with built-in tunnel: 3 m x 1.2 m)

Highly flexible, it covers an increasingly extensive range of packaged products: cosmetics, pharmaceutical, plastic, food etc.

Suitable for single packaging or multipacked products manually or automatically loaded by using additional systems (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc.).

Huge savings in film and energy thanks to the possibility of producing tight packs.

An extraordinarily accessible structure, allowing work from both sides, 3-position operator station thanks to the rotating touch screen.

Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning. Available in painted and stainless steel version.

Possibility of creating a customised machine choosing various devices from the list of optionals.


Specific features

Design available in COMBO format (with compact tunnel) or separate tunnel.

‘BABY’ version available with bar width 300 mm; version 500, 600, up to the widest version, 800 mm, with standard height of 300 mm or with optional up to 450 mm. Versions 500 & 600 are also available in the “COMBO” version with built-in tunnel. Thanks to the optional and “double” sealing systems, you can work with all the types of film available on the market: polyolefin, polypropylene, flat or center-folded film, neutral or printed.

Available in intermittent or box motion version based on customer’s speed requirements or with “rotative” bar for high speeds, even in special versions with intermittent or moving, vertical seal bar.

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Horizontal wrap around and multipack machines

The main function of the machine is to unfold and to form the tray/carton on which the products, previously grouped to form the final multipack, will be placed upon before the tray/carton is wrapped around or closed around them.

Depending on the configuration inside the tray/carton and on the type of product, the loading system and transfer in the machine can be equipped with different grouping/stacking systems.

Depending on how the product comes from the previous line, there could be the need to equip the machine with a: rollover system, rotating system, and/or stacking system.

Once the requested multipack configuration is created, thanks to the aid of pushers and translating trolleys, they will be shifted upon the unfolded tray/carton coming from the cartons storage unit.

From the tray/cartons storage unit, through the use of adjustable plungers, the tray/carton is unfolded and accompanied downwards.

Thanks to the transport chain and through sliding, the carton proceeds along the closing unit where the flaps are closed and glued with hot melt.

In the box motion version of the DRON machine, the tray is loaded from underneath and it is wrapped around the product/multipack coming from the previous line without start and stop.

At the final stage, the exiting box will slide out on idle rolls, whom will facilitate the exiting.

An optional box lengths detecting system via photocell, when installed, will enable the discharge of the faulty trays in favor of the correct trays that, following the programming, will be transferred manually or automatically on a pallet.

The palletizing unit is not included in the offer but it is part of the wide-range of the machines that DM PACK ITALY proposes.

Extracting or implementing specific parts and components of the machine, we can adapt the same way of packing to various formats.

CE regulation certified machine.

General features

Compact and ergonomic, versatile horizontal wrap around and multipack machine, works with a very wide range of different products. The flat blanks storage unit’s height is adjustable in automatic, the length is adjustable through knobs with reference to the position, for fast and easy format changes. The machine can be equipped with additional loading systems (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc..). Cartons are collected through plunges, and flaps are closed with a hot melt point.

Extraordinarily accessible structure enabling easy cleaning and maintenance, and allowing work from both sides thanks to the rotating touch screen.

Specific features

DRON tray packer machine’s tray/carton standard sizes vary from a minimum of 170x100x100 mm to a maximum of 600x600x400 mm. Different formats can be added depending on feasibility. The machine works with both flat cartons for Wrap Around or American (RSC) cartons, and as an option



DRON, dron, DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector

DRON, dron, DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector DRON, dron, DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector DRON, dron, DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector

Vertical cartoning machines

Automatic cartoning machine with filling from the top for use with American boxes or pre-formed boxes.
Automatic, motorized adjustments, very simple format changes. The vertical cartoning machine opens and fills with pick & place, or the robotic system, the boxes in various formats and closes them with adhesive tape or hot glue. From storage placed in a facilitated position, the box is picked, opened and placed on the automatic belts that bring it to the filling zone. The machine is a line machine and is therefore very compact in size.
Filling is carried out automatically by a system that picks the products and deposits them inside the box. The picking system varies based on the type of product. In some cases, you can pick multiple products simultaneously. The multipack will be previously, automatically created by our grouping systems.

General features
The vertical cartoning machine was designed for installation downstream of the packaging line, but also as an independent unit. The pick & place ensures fast and accurate picking of products arriving from the loading conveyor belt and precise box filling. Different types of products can be processed. They can be manufactured using different configurations inside the box according to the request, and the box itself can have various dimensions; the product arrival station, product picking and box opening are compact. Construction is robust, but at the same time they are all “separable” to allow the operator full access. Having filled the boxes, they are pushed towards the exit and the machine closes the flaps and tapes the “pads”. Options available: hot glue.
Finally, a cartoning machine with all the automatic and automated adjustments.

Specific features
The strengths of the vertical cartoning machine are:
Compactness, reduced size, high speed up to 20 boxes/minute with multiple pick & place.
Automated adjustments.
Fast format change, easy access to the parts to adjust, movements on the dovetail guides and recirculating ball slides.
Siemens management PLC.

DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, carton erector

Cartesian automatic palletiser

Cartesian palletiser with the gripper picking head and robotic movement with an open structure, with the possibility of a palletiser on the ground or on product service rollers arriving from a line (or multiple lines in a robotic version).
Accessible and highly practical respecting operator safety with the photoelectric barriers. The robot or pick and place is customised to delicately handle the product and turn it to the suitable position before placing it into the pallet. Simple configuration called “GROUND PALLET” where the empty pallet is positioned by an operator with the pallet truck by hand. Picking the filled pallet takes place in the same way with the pallet truck by hand by an operator.

General features

Palletiser available with multiple bays or single bay: new generation, designed to have reduced dimensions, easy use, easy movement from one line to the next, and a contained price. Support structure on which the LOADER moves, equipped with a gripper head for product picking. The loader moves along the Cartesian axes X, Y, Z controlled by BRUSHLESS or asynchronous MOTORS with an inverter based on the speed and precision required. Following the program set, the LOADER moves to the product picking point and picks it, thanks to the gripper head equipped with a vacuum suction with suction cups or with grippers, or with a robot in the anthropomorphic version.

Specific features

Dimensions starting from 2000mm x 1350mm and with height, based on the height of the pallet, reaching H. 2400mm + pallet.
Pallet dimensions: 800x1200mm and OPTIONAL 1000x1200mm; pallet height: 1600mm + pallet OPTIONAL up to 2700mm + pallet, special versions H. 3000 mm. Speed: up to 10 boxes, sleeves, multipacks per minute.
Version: single pallet bay on the ground or version with automatic load.
Holding head: suction cups or grippers.
Box dimensions: minimum mm 90x150x100h, maximum mm 400x600x600h. Optional: carton layer/interfold placement on pallet.

DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, palletiser

DM Pack, end of line packaging, end of line, line packaging, DOM, verticle, vertical, palletiser

Sleeve wrapper bundler machines

Uses two reels of film that transversally seal, obtaining a shrinked bag around the product. The bag, on the side, can be left open or sealed thanks to the double side sealers (4-seal machine). The sleeve wrapper bundler machines, which are robust and solid and accessible, can be automatic, semi-automatic, in line at 90° and useful for wrapping single products or multipacks, such as bottles, tins, cans. Excellent for random packaging of products in different measurements. Available in various sizes, with or without a seal bar (sleeve wrapper bundler with film launch)


General features

The sleeve wrapper bundler machines range we offer can be used in the packaging of grouped products (such as bottles, cans, tins of animal food, multipackaging of pillow bags, such as pasta, salt, rice, salt,…) or single packs (such as furniture, radiators, ladders, various types of equipment) of medium and large dimensions. They can be equipped, based on requirements, with diverters, cardboard loaders and stackers. Automated movements (bar closure and pusher).


Specific features

Two-reel packaging. These models are available in various versions for products from 700 to 3000 mm wide and 600 mm high.

In the compact models the shirnk tunnel can be integrated in the structure of the machine to reduce size and consumption. Machines can use Polyethylene film in various thicknesses, Printed film with launch bar and polyolefin film with 4-seal system: double side sealers (wheels or bars) adjustable to product dimensions.

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Inclinable packaging machines

Inclinable vertical bagging machine for products inside formed bags starting with flat film (VFFS) which is sealed, joining both flaps, longitudinally to the continuous sealing system. The two ends are sealed and cut by transversal bars.  Manual or automatic activation with the possibility of integrating various loading and filling systems of the bag in automatic mode.

General features

Vertical inclination from 0° to – 90°, with rapid adjustment thanks to a simple handle. A different inclination change varies the speed of the product dropping. The machine can work in a horizontal or vertical position, in compliance with product requirements. Ideal for products such as fruit and vegetables, bread, sweets, seafood or fresh products, meat, food and non-food products, such as small accessories or small profiles; single or multiple products.

Specific features

The forming tunnel of the machine is easily adjustable and adapted to an wide range of dimensions and products, thanks to the wide packaging film reel: up to 680 mm wide. The film can vary in type: polypropylene, polyethylene, perforated or non-perforated film. The packaging is possible thanks to the two pairs of front wheels, automated and sealing, and a motorized seal bar. The same ISO certified components are used for our standard packaging machines. All the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel.

DM Pack, End of line automation, end of line, automation, packaging, film, box, pallet, carton

Automatic L sealer packaging machines

L sealer with vertical bar movement, combining all the comforts to its simplicity that makes it special. All types of center-folded, polyethylene or polyolefin film (PE & POF) or flat film can be used, with the addition of the external centre folding unit. With the sealing bar that can be pneumatic or motorized (for the electric version), with vertical closure, it creates the package around the product. Goodbye scissors closure! Excellent for packaging various types of products with or without the shrink tunnel (compact version or separate tunnel version). Bar width only 1 cm. Less film on product. Less energy consumption when shrinking.


General features

The L sealer packaging machines are characterised by the L-shaped sealing bar, a single bar that vertically lowers with the same pressure on all the film points (NO SCISSORS SYSTEM).

The machines can all be combined with: infeed conveyor belts, with palettes, pushers, loaders (shutter and rotary), shrink tunnels, outfeed belts or stackers, manufactured by us.

Also available in a “COMBO” version with incorporated tunnel.

Specific features

The single vertical bar, which guarantees the same pressure on all the film points, replaces the old scissors bar. The bar is only 10 mm thick and allows huge savings in film (the quantity of sealed film around the product is minimal, this guarantees a well closed pack while at the same time tight). These machines can process both polyolefin and polyethylene with an optional bar. Space saving (“Combo” version), with incorporated tunnel. Machine available in various sizes according to the product measurement, up to 700x900mm, height up to 400 mm as an optional.

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