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MBO – The worlds leading manufacturer of folders for the commercial print industry, a company that has been a reliable partner to the print finishing industry for more than 40 years!

  • Full range of MBO folding machine solutions
  • Choice of small to large formats
  • Fully automatic and standard machines
  • Designed for speed, accuracy and cost efficiencies
  • Most productive folding technology available
  • Fold flat sheets from 105 x 105 mm to 1120 x 1450 mm
  • Fully automatic versions allow setting up of repeat jobs in minutes
  • More output and more efficiency
  • MBO K80 Combination Folder
  • K8
  • K70
  • T800.1
  • T50
  • K8 RS
  • T 1020 / T 1120 p


The K80 fits perfectly into the new product range of MBO combi folding machines for the 70 x 100 cm size range. At maximum output of 230m/min it closes the gap between the manual K70 and the K8RS, the world’s fastest folding machine.

The K80 is ideal for high-precision, high-performance production of signatures, flyers and other similar products in medium industrial print run lengths. It runs at speeds of up to 230 m/min (755 fpm), and offers a comprehensive range of standard equipment and multiple automation options.

To fulfil different production requirements and to add more automation, customers can choose between Buckle plates and sheet deflectors in the parallel fold and cross fold, fold rollers in the parallel fold, cross fold and three fold and slitter shafts in the cross fold and three fold. The latest MBO folder carries on the tradition of using the highest quality MBO components.

MBO K80 configurations and features

  • Feeders: Palletized feeder
  • Continuous feeder
  • Parallel fold: 4 buckle plates, 6 buckle plates
  • Cross fold/three fold: Super-KTL

Standard features

  • Machine control M1
  • Feeder head Vaculift III in the palletized feeder
  • Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)
  • Buckle plates with swing deflector
  • Option between spiral fold rollers with hard PU and Virotec fold rollers
  • Slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold

Optional features:

  • Combination buckle plates
  • Pneumatic gatefold plate
  • Slitter shaft in the three fold

Optional automation:

  • Buckle plates and sheet deflectors in the parallel fold and cross fold
  • Fold rollers in the parallel fold, cross fold and three fold
  • Slitter shafts in the cross fold and three fold



K8 – The fastest series of folders in the world

The K8 achieves absolute precision and outstanding productivity because of numerous MBO premium features integrated in this machine: NAVIGATOR Control for safe transportation of sheets and easy handling, VACUKNIFE folding knife for smallest possible sheet gaps, patented slitter shaft cassette MWK for short set-up times etc. The optional SUPER-KTZ configuration which enables an even wider range of various folding styles adds more flexibility. Further extensions to enhance performance: the mobile Z 2 knife folding unit for fourfold task. Due to the pneumatic drive the cross fold knife VACUKNIFE allows a frequency of 40,000 cycles/h.

The open cross and threefold section and the waste paper ejector complete the user-friendliness of the K8 Perfection and make it the ideal partner for standard production as well as for the production of time-consuming and complex products.

K8 Perfection

The K8 Perfection is also able to produce complicated products and folding layouts with absolute precision. This technical perfection is achieved due to the integration of numerous MBO specific features ensuring highest output and excellent quality as well as maximum comfort and shortest set-up times because of the unique possibility of full automation.


Fitted with standard K8 series equipment, plus:
Modified Suction Head: Vaculift RS
Double Vacubelt: Twin-Belt
More powerful drive motor
Jam detector with auto-shutdown prevents roller damage
Sheet stop as device for wasted sheet incl. electronic double sheet control (ultra-sound)
FP 800/120 palletized feeder with pile-lowering device FLS


The K70 is the entry level model from MBO. It is available as a manual machine and has an extremely good price/performance ratio. The K70 is suitable for high-precision, high-performance production of folded products such as signatures and flyers in medium and high print run lengths. Even complicated folding impositions can be produced with absolute precision.



Standard features:

  • Machine control M1 Advanced
  • Feeder head Vacustar in the pile feeder
  • Feeder head Vaculift III in the palletized feeder
  • Buckle plates with swing deflector
  • Spiral fold rollers with hard PU in the parallel fold

Optional features:

  • Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)
  • Combination buckle plates
  • Gatefold plate
  • Slitter shafts in the three-fold


The T800.1 is MBO’s premium buckle folding machine with a universal scope of applications and unique range of folding types. MBO folding machines and features are built with the operators in mind, both for practical requirements and concerning the versatility of the medium of paper.

Convenience plays an important role here. The easier the procedures and work processes, the more efficient the production can become. With high output at excellent quality, the T800.1 offers ideal prerequisites for maximising productivity. A wide range of folding types and individualised automation options ensure smooth production for medium and high print runs and frequently changing folding types.

T50 – The NEW Bucklefolder

Standard features

  • Machine control M1 Basic
  • Suction wheel and alignment table with ball rail
  • Buckle plates with swing deflector
  • Spiral fold rollers with hard PU
  • Single rear slitter shafts
  • High-Speed-Guide in folding unit II

Alternative features

  • Machine control M1 Advanced
  • Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)
  • Combination buckle plates
  • Virotec fold rollers

Additional features

  • Feeder head Vacustar for pile feeder
  • Slitter shaft cassette for single rear slitter shafts in folding unit I
  • Gatefold plate

Optional automation with machine control M1 Advanced

  • Buckle plates, sheet deflectors and fold rollers
  • Slitter shaft settings (only possible if no slitter shaft cassette is present)

K8 RS – Nothing folds faster

The K8 RS is the ideal folding system for high productivity. With the capability of speeds up to 275 m/min., and its extensive use of automation, the K8 RS is an excellent choice for high volume and fast make-ready. This is a folding system that can substantially reduce your finishing costs, leading to more profit.

Consider replacing older technology in ratios of 2:1 or more! Talk with our Post-Press specialists to take a new look at your finishing workflow and learn how this system can be integrated into your operation.

T 1120 Perfection – Folding XL style.

More flexibility desired: The newly developed transfer table with an alternating deflector and waste paper ejector are applied in the T 1120 Perfection.
As convincing as the performance features: the folding results.

  • Short changeover times, e.g. due to automated buckle plates and slitter shaft cassette MWK
  • High productivity with Perfection quality
  • Broad range of folding types for more flexibility
  • Absolutely marking-free production of sensitive, freshly printed products
  • Double stream extension possible for higher output and reduced cutting costs
  • All models of the Perfection series basically stand for the highest possible folding performance and maximum output.

MBO folding machines and features are orientated on the users – both regarding practical requirements and the variety of the paper medium. Convenience plays a major role. The simpler the processes and workflows, the more efficient becomes production. With their high performance and excellent quality, the T 1120 Perfection provide the ideal preconditions for highest productivity.

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