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Buhrs – poly wrapping and paper wrapping systems

Machine systems for printers, finishers and mailing houses
Perfect wrapping solutions for media products
Various wrapping versions available depending on requirements
Operator-friendly with storable job functions
High return on investment, whatever the wrapping process
Production changeover without machine stop on 4000 model
Due to their reliability in production, as well as easy operation, service and maintenance, our systems provide low costs per unit. The ability to use different packaging materials offers outstanding presentation of journals, magazines and other media products.

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  • 3000 Compact
  • Buhrs 4000
  • Buhrs 5000
  • Buhrs 7000
  • De-Palletiser

The Buhrs 3000 Compact Poly & Paper Wr?apping System is being hailed as the new standard in performance and design in this particular product sector. The system has a smaller footprint and is lowered for more ergonomic loading of the feeders. Together with the well-known Buhrs quality and reliability this results in a high performance system that produces a high quality wrapped product.

The new Buhrs 3000 Compact Poly & Paper Wrapping System is equipped with Servo-feeders which have a standard selective function. The Servo-feeders are quickly interchangeable from the left, to the right, or an in-line position on the gathering section.

The Buhrs 3000 Compact offers the unique combination of being able to run with both poly and paper on one system. Depending on the job requirements, changeovers only take between 10-30 minutes to perform.

Paper wrapping offers users the opportunity of making your own personalised envelope independent of the size. This way you can be more creative in making a unique DM product. It also saves storage and handling costs with envelopes.

This innovative, high quality poly and paper wrapping system is not just more flexible and safer, it is also characterised by its reduced set-up and maintenance times. As a result of this the system offers more productivity than any other system currently available. The Buhrs 4000: offering the ultimate design to help you make more money in the mailing industry.

Owing to the modularity of the Buhrs 4000, the system can be configured ideally for co-mailing. It has a low gathering section, automatic feeder synchronisation and individually controlled feeders via the new Buhrs System Controller.

Features & Benefits

The mobile feeders are interchangeable between systems
Feeder type, position & orientation can be changed in less than 2 minutes
Opener position can be changed in less than 2 minutes
Simple switch from paper to poly wrapping within 20 minutes
Modularity for easy future system expansion
Easy integration with equipment both upstream and downstream

The NEW standard in Paper Wrapping!

The Buhrs 5000 Paper Wrapping System is the standard in performance and design. Buhrs continues with its well-known quality and reliability, resulting in a high performance system that produces a high quality wrapped product.

Paper wrapping offers you the opportunity of making your own personalised envelopes independent of the size. This way you can be more creative in making a unique Direct Mail product. It also saves on the storage and handling costs of traditional envelopes.

The Buhrs 5000 System sets the world standard in paper wrapping, and this “Enveloper” creates an “envelope-like” paper wrap! Easy-opening self-mailer perforations and tightly closed flaps ensure easier postal sorting. The new cutting and gluing technology, together with the patented Product Positioning Unit© (PPU), creates the shortest, sharpest and most rigid edges on the market!


Shuttle and rotary feeders to accommodate 30.000 products per hour
Patented Product Positioning Unit (PPU) for accurate product placement and shortened wrapping length, resulting in lower paper cost
Advanced gluing technology for high quality tightly closed wraps and lower cost
New rotary cutting technology for high speed wrapping
Use of pre-printed or white paper
50” roll un-winder including lifting device

The fastest flexible wrapping system

In the development of the Buhrs 7000 Poly and Paper wrapping system, Buhrs has combined flexibility with high net output in an ergonomic system.

With the Buhrs 7000 it is not necessary to stop the system between two different jobs, thereby increasing productivity enormously! Three main features make this possible. The mobile feeders are synchronized automatically (AFS) with the gathering chain of the system and are engaged automatically based on information from the Buhrs Data Controller (BDC). By measuring the length of the product just before the wrapping section, the Automatic Wrapping Set-up (AWS)  function enables the wrapping unit to automatically set itself and adjust the seal position on the fly when necessary. It is, of course, possible to use Poly wrapping in combination with BuhrsWrap, which guarantees tightly wrapped products without any overlap.

The Buhrs 7000 offers a max speed of 25.000 wraps / hour.

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The Buhrs DPS is a revolutionary system for the automatic depalletizing of pallets with flat packaging. The starting points for this new system – developed by Buhrs – were high net output, maximum automation, reduction of human touch points and minimization of the transport movements around the machine…

The Buhrs DPS – DePalletizer Singulator – is a system that can receive strapped pallets and automatically process these pallets with (wind-mill pattern) stacked material into a continuous singulated stream / flow of board material for packaging machines on one side, and separated return materials on the other side. With this method manual handling is eliminated such as:

  • De-strapping and pallet label reading
  • Removing covers and separation sheets

Removing packaging material and loading the feeding mechanism of the downstream packaging line such as a case erector or wraparound cartoner.

Further features that the system offers are:

  • Quality control of print, orientation and sticking material, with cameras and thickness control to detect double or triple picks
  • Pallet change without interrupting the process
  • Automated set-up in the machine, without manual adjustments

Other advantages the Buhrs DPS brings are:

  • Eliminating of forklift movements in the packaging hall
  • Increased efficiency of the downstream packaging lines which

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