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In fashion and garment manufacturing, products damaged on arrival certainly don’t look good. Here’s why Beck Packautomaten are the right fit for you:

Textile and clothing products should be protected from moisture, dust, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations and packaging materials should be chosen accordingly to prevent damage from these elements. Beck’s perfectly sized packs not only helps reduce material wasteage and costs, but also keep the product in place and avoids static build up inside the packaging. Further enhanced by the pressing unit, garments cannot shift around in transit and become less presentable on arrival.

The packaging must safeguard the products from damage during shipping and handling, including tears and snags. Beck’s high accuracy machines stop second layers of packaging being re-welded and re-cut over the internal layer, causing damage when the package is opened and preventing it from being put on the shelf.

Finally the packaging must provide the opportunity for some branding or messaging to your customers, Beck machines can run with printed plastic films, or printed functional barrier papers, but also give the best opportunity for inserted leaflets, clothing tags or cards: the tried and tested principals used by Beck ensure the fine adjustments needed to create secure and presentable packages every time


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