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Leicester based clothing company supports growth by strengthening operations with a new system from Friedheim Packaging

5th Avenue creates, designs and manufactures products for market-leading brands, operating in both high street & licensing markets. Putting an emphasis on value, 5th Avenue concentrate on high quality clothing, competitive pricing, and fast lead times.

Deciding on a Beck Multiplex Pico, the machine will be used mainly for wrapping fast moving T-Shirts and clothing items. The Pico is a fully-automatic film packaging machine that uses a form shoulder for three-sided product sealing and so is perfect for the application. Due to the company’s commitment to fast turnaround times, they required a solution that could keep up with online orders without breaking the bank or breaking down. Further, as the company sells premium clothing categories and brands, the quality of the package is essential and must reflect the quality of the garments, again here Beck can excel with great registry accuracy ensuring precise cuts and seals. Every package as smart as the last.

As an entry level model, the Multiplex Pico is compact in size and can achieve speeds of up to 60 cycles per hour with product dimensions up to 200mm x 400mm. The machine is optimized for user friendliness and includes job/product memory for quick set ups and changeovers. The energy saving heating and drive systems are robust and designed to be low maintenance for maximum efficiency and reliability, which are important characteristics of all Beck equipment and something for which they are known; Beck Packautomaten machines are built in their German facility, using tried and tested principals that have seen them lead the market in polywrapping, while continuously improving designs & processes to ensure maximum reliability and real-world throughput.

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